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Type Category Total Available Functionalities
General Total .... 75
Calendar 3
ID Details Per Month Cost
GCa445 Aggregate multiple calendars entries $5
GCa446 Event calendar $6
GCa447 calender view $9
Communication 8
ID Details Per Month Cost
GCo448 Site news $3
GCo449 Real-time weather reports external linking $4
GCo450 Dynamic product attributes relationship $6
GCo451 Polls $6
GCo452 company portfolio $6
GCo453 News and announcements subscription $8
GCo454 HTML based product descriptions $9
GCo455 Public Message Board $13
Contact Form 3
ID Details Per Month Cost
GCo456 Contact us w/mapping $3
GCo457 Online applications (employment ro interest forms) $3
GCo458 simple form $0
Content 10
ID Details Per Month Cost
GCo459 Simple or advanced views $3
GCo460 Text Formatting $3
GCo461 Evitee - Easy-to-create email template $3
GCo462 Automatic archive creation $4
GCo463 Spell Checking $4
GCo464 Full page front end , posting $5
GCo465 Drag and drop text files from your desktop to your website. $5
GCo466 Feed aggregation $6
GCo467 Intuitive WYSIWYG editor $8
GCo468 Tag clouds $9
Content Writing/Editing 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
GCo469 Every thousand words $8
Design 2
ID Details Per Month Cost
GDe470 Custom buttons $6
GDe471 Familiar tools and buttons $9
Files And Links 4
ID Details Per Month Cost
GFi472 Attachment sending $3
GFi473 Easily link to pages, other websites, or files $3
GFi474 Linking of files $4
GFi475 Create lists of files or links $6
Form Builder 3
ID Details Per Month Cost
GFo476 Quickly create completely customized forms $6
GFo477 Set CAPTCHA security $0
GFo478 Set required fields $0
Images And Photo Galleries 7
ID Details Per Month Cost
GIm479 Audio slide show $1
GIm480 Supports retina displays $3
GIm481 Front end only. Not able to modify. $5
GIm482 Photo gallery mode with multiple display options $5
GIm483 Customizable captions $6
GIm484 Built-in slideshow player $13
GIm485 Supports one or multiple images $13
Interactive Food Menu 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
GIn486 card desing $13
Map 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
GMa487 Google site map generator $8
Marketing 5
ID Details Per Month Cost
GMa488 Virtual tour (Content Provided) $3
GMa489 Mailing list for newsletters $8
GMa490 Newsletter $8
GMa491 Printable coupons (or coupon codes) $8
GMa492 Marketing based calls to action $16
Navigation 1
Powerful Store Management 2
ID Details Per Month Cost
GPo494 Friendly Search $2
GPo495 Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation $6
Security 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
GSe496 Prevacy Controls $8
Seo 6
ID Details Per Month Cost
GSe497 ALT Tags Image Optimization $3
GSe498 Alt tag and link title access $4
GSe499 Search engine friendly coding $6
GSe500 Extremely fast loading speeds $6
GSe501 H-Tags Text Optimization $6
GSe502 Static, customizable, keyword-friendly URLs $8
Site Administration 4
ID Details Per Month Cost
GSi503 "Print friendly" option $6
GSi504 Moderation $8
GSi505 Search (profile keywords, site search, etc...) $8
GSi506 Search functionality $9
Social 3
ID Details Per Month Cost
GSo507 User awards $3
GSo508 Tools to manage images, links, and other media $8
GSo509 Add Links to Social Media $9
User Profiles 7
ID Details Per Month Cost
GUs510 Username lookup $3
GUs511 E-mail confirmation routine $4
GUs512 Registration Security Images (captcha) $4
GUs513 Essay (extended "About me" section) $5
GUs514 Optional displaying of additional photos only to paid members $6
GUs515 Quick search $6
GUs516 Photos, audio and video files upload $15
Videos 3
ID Details Per Month Cost
GVi517 Share Videos using email with a single click $1
GVi518 Tagging $8
GVi519 Report abuse and inappropriate videos $9
Advanced Total .... 244
Billing 10
ID Details Per Month Cost
ABi201 Secure transactions with SSL $1
ABi202 Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen $3
ABi203 Real Time Credit Card Processing $4
ABi204 International currency and tax regions supported $4
ABi205 State Tax Calculator $6
ABi206 Accept credit cards, paypal $6
ABi207 Pay using purchase orders and admin purchase order management $6
ABi208 Merchant Bank Integration $8
ABi209 Recurring Billing Feature $9
ABi210 Custom taxes set up by region $13
Calendar 7
ID Details Per Month Cost
ACa211 Pull external calendar events (from supported software) $5
ACa212 Rich text editor for event detail $5
ACa213 iCal feed importing $6
ACa214 same as appointment setup $6
ACa215 Recurring events $8
ACa216 Event pages $13
ACa217 Pubic & Private Calendars $13
Commerce 7
ID Details Per Month Cost
ACo218 Control if out of stock products can still be shown and are available for purchase $3
ACo219 Shopping Cart (CMS Database) $5
ACo220 Order status, history, & tracking $6
ACo221 Accept payments $6
ACo222 Product catalog (with pictures) $8
ACo223 Product-to-categories structure $8
ACo224 Support unlimited products and categories $9
Communication 19
ID Details Per Month Cost
ACo225 Share text, photos, flash, videos, songs, files $2
ACo226 Chat Module $4
ACo227 Shoutbox (AJAX) $4
ACo228 Podcasting with integrated player $4
ACo229 Message Boards (Admin can add moderators from site members) $5
ACo230 Online chat $6
ACo231 Private Messaging $6
ACo232 like facbook group chat $6
ACo233 rating system $6
ACo234 Advanced Newsletter System $6
ACo235 Audio/Video Messenger (optional, additional fee) $8
ACo236 Flash Chat (optional, additional fee) $8
ACo237 Flash Instant Messenger (optional, additional fee) $8
ACo238 New message notification to email $8
ACo239 online chat box $8
ACo240 Personal blogs $8
ACo241 E-mail profile to a friend $9
ACo242 E-learning (online courses) $19
ACo243 Commenting $0
Content 7
ID Details Per Month Cost
ACo244 Convenient save states $2
ACo245 Image Manager - upload, resize and edit images $3
ACo246 Content Management System with WYSIWYG Editor $4
ACo247 Automatically saved drafts $4
ACo248 Unlimited blog posts $6
ACo249 Document Manager - upload and manage popular document formats $6
ACo250 Media Manager - easily embed videos and Flash movies $25
Content Management System 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
ACo251 Content management system (CMS) $19
Database Administration 4
ID Details Per Month Cost
ADa252 Users (add unlimited CMS user accounts) $4
ADa253 Easily backup and restore the database $6
ADa254 Database backup $6
ADa255 Directory of... (could be anything) $9
Design 3
ID Details Per Month Cost
ADe256 mockup based desinging ( wusiwug) $4
ADe257 Automatic pagination $4
ADe258 Simple view $6
Digital Goods 6
ID Details Per Month Cost
ADi259 Provide new versions to past customers $3
ADi260 Automatic fulfillment for digital goods $4
ADi261 Secure file delivery $4
ADi262 Free download links for promotional purposes $5
ADi263 Detailed download history $6
ADi264 Sell digital and physical goods in the same storefront $6
Files and Links 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
AFi265 Drag and drop to rearrange $6
Form Builder 5
ID Details Per Month Cost
AFo266 Enable password protection $4
AFo267 Custom email notifications $6
AFo268 Custom response messages $6
AFo269 Section 508 Compliant $6
AFo270 Excel and CSV data exporting $35
Images And Photo Galleries 6
ID Details Per Month Cost
AIm271 Image gallery $1
AIm272 Auto-resizing with AdaptiveImage technology $4
AIm273 Displays image at correct size for any screen or resolution $4
AIm274 Drag and drop image organization $4
AIm275 Slide shows $6
AIm276 Control transition effects, speed, and delay $6
Interactive Food Menu 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
AIn277 Online meal orders (real-time) $6
Interactive Food Maps 1
ID Details Per Month Cost
AIn278 jquery - ( location maps ) $4
Marketting 13
ID Details Per Month Cost
AMa279 Automated display of specials $1
AMa280 Automatic e-mail notifications $2
AMa281 Subscription Module $2
AMa282 Automatic response $3
AMa283 Instant gift cards $3
AMa284 Membership Module $4
AMa285 Advertising Module $4
AMa286 Customers can subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters $6
AMa287 Contact customers directly via email or newsletters $6
AMa288 Events Module $8
AMa289 Support for static and dynamic banners with full statistics $9
AMa290 Join our emailing list $9
AMa291 List server (for group email communication) $0
Powerful Store Managment 40
ID Details Per Month Cost
APo292 Set pricing by variant $3
APo293 Charge to enable store functionality $4
APo294 Sort results by the following: Most Viewed: All Time/This Week/This Month Recently Uploaded: Today/This Week/This Month Top Rated $4
APo295 Create custom item lists $5
APo296 Import products from CSV $5
APo297 Upload product images $5
APo298 Fast and friendly quick search and advanced search features $5
APo299 Global and per-category bestseller lists $5
APo300 Product reviews for an interactive shopping experience $5
APo301 Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers $5
APo302 Create product listings directly on your pages $6
APo303 Process orders or capture for later $6
APo304 Simple, intuitive dashboard $6
APo305 Add product detail in a rich text editor $6
APo306 Add product tags $6
APo307 Automatic image thumbnail creation $6
APo308 Create product variants $6
APo309 Set retail pricing to display discount to user $6
APo310 Address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses $6
APo311 Customers can maintain their accounts $6
APo312 Display what other customers have ordered with the current product shown $6
APo313 Number of products in each category can be shown or hidden $6
APo314 Search and browse through other members’ profiles with the following options… age, gender, newest, last logged in, username and location $6
APo315 Advanced search $6
APo316 Create notes for specific customers $8
APo317 Export customer email addresses $8
APo318 Shipping matrix by weight or price $8
APo319 Track inventory and backorders automatically $8
APo320 Easy on/off publish control $8
APo321 Set product options $8
APo322 Unlimited categories and sub-categories $8
APo323 Inventory management and control $9
APo324 All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval $9
APo325 Customizable verification email for store users $9
APo326 Set product weight (for shipping) $9
APo327 Customers can view their order history and order statuses $9
APo328 Powerful reporting for orders and customers $13
APo329 Search, find, fulfill, and cancel orders $13
APo330 Responsive checkout page $25
APo331 Foreseen checkout procedure $0
Reporting 4
ID Details Per Month Cost
ARe332 Statistics for products and customers $4
ARe333 Statistics $6
ARe334 Web stats with reports and real-time data $6
ARe335 Profile statistics: number of members online, total members, registered today $7
Secuirty 4
ID Details Per Month Cost
ASe336 Administration area secured with a username and password $2
ASe337 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) $4
ASe338 Secure online credit card payments $6
ASe339 Security $6
S.E.O 24
ID Details Per Month Cost
ASe340 Optimize Meta-Tag Titles $1
ASe341 Add Links to Social Media $3
ASe342 Homepage Anchor Links $3
ASe343 Syndicate content with RSS links $4
ASe344 Easy 301 redirects $4
ASe345 Enhance HTML Source Code $4
ASe346 Field in settings allows global header code insertion $4
ASe347 Friendly sitemaps $4
ASe348 Meta Tags Optimization $4
ASe349 Restructure Site Map $5
ASe350 100 words $6
ASe351 ALT Tags Image Optimization $6
ASe352 Competitor Research $6
ASe353 H-Tags Text Optimization $6
ASe354 Page-level META descriptions and keywords $6
ASe355 Set Up WordPress Blog $6
ASe356 Web standards make every page search engine friendly $6
ASe357 XML sitemaps $6
ASe358 Dedicated SEO Expert $9
ASe359 Keyword Research $9
ASe360 Light, built-in website analytics $9
ASe361 Monthly Reporting $9
ASe362 Search Engine Ranking Research $9
ASe363 Automatic Open Graph integration $10
Shopping Cart 4
ID Details Per Month Cost
ASh364 Support for physical (shippable) and virtual (downloadable) products $1
ASh365 Shipping Integration $3
ASh366 Order Tracking System $3
ASh367 Number of Cart Products $4
Site Administration 26
ID Details Per Month Cost
ASi368 Optimized for mobile devices and responsive design $2
ASi369 Categories-to-categories structure $2
ASi370 Email Accounts Extra $3
ASi371 Upload file $3
ASi372 "Configuration" section to manage sitewide settings $4
ASi373 Reorder pages (AJAX enhanced interface to facilitate "drag and drop" reordering) $4
ASi374 Tagging $4
ASi375 Ability to create any membership type $5
ASi376 Design templates editor in Control Panel $6
ASi377 Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews $6
ASi378 Form Builder $6
ASi379 Random changing layout elements $6
ASi380 Ability to define customized membership requirements $8
ASi381 Admin interface to create moderators $8
ASi382 Add/edit/delete unlimited pages $8
ASi383 Add/edit/delete unlimited categories/sections $9
ASi384 "Links", "FAQ", "About us", "Contact us", "Privacy", "Terms of use", "Services" pages $9
ASi385 Drag and drop uploading $13
ASi386 Ability to define membership access level $13
ASi387 Moderation Module $13
ASi388 Select what to display, and in what order, in the product listing page $13
ASi389 Product Search Engine $19
ASi390 Tags (for easy searching) $25
ASi391 "Bad words" customizable filter $0
ASi392 Automatically saved drafts $0
ASi393 Multi-browser compatible $0
Social 7
ID Details Per Month Cost
ASo394 Social Media integration $3
ASo395 Group members can interact with comments and messaging $3
ASo396 News aggregator (list of news from chosen sources) $5
ASo397 Sharing $6
ASo398 Create groups, invite other members $6
ASo399 Manage group members and videos $8
ASo400 Social Networking Content Management System $13
User Profiles 29
ID Details Per Month Cost
AUs401 Search for online members $1
AUs402 Advanced profile (customizable profile steps/fields) $3
AUs403 Featured profiles rotation $3
AUs404 Member only password protect pages login pages $4
AUs405 Membership sign-up $4
AUs406 Lost password feature $4
AUs407 Number of profile views with ability to list the members who viewed the profile $4
AUs408 Personal Pages for users with WYSIWYG Visual Editor $4
AUs409 Option to review and edit login, password, personal administrator's details $4
AUs410 Option to set users' registration approval in admin mode $4
AUs411 New members (auto-displaying of photos of latest registered users on member's home page) $4
AUs412 Save a Search feature (AJAX) $4
AUs413 Top-rated profiles lookup $4
AUs414 Friends list - display friends on the profile page $4 $30
AUs415 Audio/Video Profile Recorder $5
AUs416 Add favorite videos (uploaded by other members) to their profiles $5
AUs417 Organize, upload and share own videos with friends, family & the world $5
AUs418 Member admin panel $6
AUs419 Templates / Design Skins $6
AUs420 Daily Matching Profiles Alert $6
AUs421 Custom membership levels for members $6
AUs422 Video channels - Subscribe to other members video channels $6
AUs423 View/delete comments, leave comments for others $6
AUs424 Matchmaking (auto search based on user-specified criteria) $9
AUs425 Online or Offline indicator next to user's profile $9
AUs426 Display groups created in their profile as well as groups joined $9
AUs427 ZIP-codes search $19
AUs428 client user $0
AUs429 Date of last user login in search results and profile $0
Videos 15
ID Details Per Month Cost
AVi430 Embed videos from this site to other sites (provide embed code) $3
AVi431 Related videos section $3
AVi432 RSS feeds $3
AVi433 Profile Views - allows members to see who's been viewing their profile $4
AVi434 Favorites section, add videos to favorites and organize them $5
AVi435 History - keeps track of the media you have been viewing $5
AVi436 Add/remove friends $6
AVi437 Private message friends and/or other members (with the ability to block) $6
AVi438 Sent and received friend request management area $6
AVi439 Video commenting system $6
AVi440 Video rating system (including "Top rated" section on the homepage) $6
AVi441 Connect with other members and subscribe to their media channel $8
AVi442 Privacy controls, ability to make videos viewable only by friends $8
AVi443 Video categories, ability to manage from the backend $8
AVi444 Upload, manage and share videos $13

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