“Initial period” is a 4 (four) months period which will start from the date of signed contract or payment receipt.

  1. If guaranteed results (as per agreed contract) are not achieved within the initial period, the client has option to request a refund on fees paid (excluding the setup fees) AFTER this initial period has been reached.
  2. Alternately client can request that Reviewthatplace.com continue the work and agree to no refund. If this option is opted, billing will automatically be stopped and, as a return of courtesy to the client, 3 months of free service will be provided even after guaranteed results are achieved.

Refund Restrictions.

  1. Setup fees are non refundable. Setup fees are charged to cover the cost involved with initial labor. Please rest assured that we would do everything in good faith to retain your recurring business.
  2. While this contract can be cancelled at anytime, a refund will not be provided if this contract is cancelled during the initial period. In this case, while future billing will be discontinued, no prorated refunds will be given.
  3. A refund will not be provided if the client or client’s agent (such as a web designer other than Reviewthatplace.com) makes any changes themselves to copy, content, alt tags, images, keywords, meta tags, design layout or structural changes including menus on the website without prior agreement from Reviewthatplace.com. This is to ensure that all changes are done so in accordance with reviewthatplace.com’s standards policies.
  4. A refund will not be provided if client does not approve Reviewthatplace.com’s suggestions to certain changes (“White Hat” only) including, but not limited to, changing web content, keyword density, codes, website navigation, and structure.
  5. A refund will not be provided if client hires another Company within the initial period or performs work on his/her own.
  6. A refund will not be provided to any domains that are blacklisted or become blacklisted due to client’s fault.
  7. A refund will not be provided if client restricts Reviewthatplace.com with access to the website which it was hired for or if the client’s website is offline and not available on the public Internet.
  8. A refund is not applicable if client goes out of business or changes his approved initial website URL or approved initial keyword list.
  9. A refund not applicable if client prevents Reviewthatplace.com from performing its service obligations in any way.